Hotel Booking System Process

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► Please use a desktop computer to access the booking system.

► Go to Infurnity Room Reserve page. Select the number of guests, the check-in and check-out date of your booking (The example shown here is a booking for 10/30, 10/31, 11/1, for a total of 3 nights), then click “Reserve”.


► On the “Select Your Room” page, you can see the offers sorted by room price rate or room type.

(Pic. 1) In the “Sort by Price rate” page, you will see the two offers the hotel provides: a room including breakfast pass and a room including breakfast and buffet dinner passes. Next, click the “Show Rooms” to see all the types of rooms available.

(Pic. 2) You can also start from the “Sort by Room” tab, and select your desired room from all those available. Then choose “View Rates” to see options for bundled offers.



► You may see the detailed introductions of each room in the “Photo Gallery” and “More Details”.

The difference of Family Room A and B is with or without the bathtub.

(Pic. 1) In the block of your desirable room, check the “Select” checkbox to proceed.

(Pic. 2) In the block of your desirable offer, check the “Select” checkbox to proceed.

► To see the price details of your booking, please click “Daily Breakdown”.


► Enter your information into the Booker Details form. In the Room Guest form below, the first guest should be yourself, booking the reservation. Additional guest info is optional.

Please specify your extra requests in the “Special Request” section, e.g.: Purchase extra dinner buffet coupon, change the dinner coupon to lunch coupon, ask for shuttle service, change 2 small beds to one large bed…etc.


► Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully, then check the checkbox “I have read…” and click “Proceed”.


► The system will show the amount of deposit for your room for your confirmation. Select your credit card type and click “Proceed”.



► Enter the credit card info and click “Confirm”, then your room booking process is finished! You will receive a confirmation email from the booking system shortly.


► If you have any questions regarding room reservation, please contact the hotel via Email  [email protected]


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